What’s After Cinema 16:9?

We don’t usually give plugs to in-development films like this, but Cinema 16:9 received a lot of coverage on Cinedelphia over the years so we thought an update was in order…

Since the closing of Cinema 16:9 in February, our friends and former owners David and Phoebe Titus are returning to their filmmaker roots as consultants.  Their first project, Singers in the Band, is a feature length documentary from Academy Award winner David Goodman that explores the issues of the rapidly rising human trafficking industry in the Philippines and Korea, as well as the U.S. Military culture that supports it.  The film, a culmination of nearly 30 years of research and filming is currently in post-production, and will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign that aspires to raise completion funds, a film festival run, and theatrical release.

More information about Singers in the Band can be found on the official site.

Author: Jill Malcolm

Jill is happiest attending midnight screenings with other crazy film fans at her local theater. Her other passions include reading, traveling to faraway places, cat videos, pugs, and jalapeño peppers. She is co-founder of the blog Filmhash.

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