#Trendering: Project Baggage

My name is Kyle Harter, and I’m a contributing writer here at Cinedelphia. Welcome to this blog series, titled #Trendering, that highlights topics surrounding all happenings in post-production. I’m pursuing a career as a professional editor, and I will shed any and all insight I curate throughout this series.

I embarked on the journey of studying editing about a year ago when I moved to Philadelphia from Orlando, Florida. I’m pleased to say that this is one of the happiest times I have experienced as a student in the film industry. Regardless of your passion, it’s an incredibly satisfying feeling to truly immerse yourself in a craft that you love. I have found that with editing, and will spread that knowledge and abundant wisdom with you readers.

Before I get into any arguments about non-linear editor (NLE) preferences or workflows, I’ll bestow upon you, the reader, some wisdom that’s applicable to editing, and all facets of life. That tid-bit of wisdom is best identified as baggage.

You’ve probably had ex-girlfriends, boyfriends, or one-night stands in your lifetime. You’re probably aware that you shouldn’t bring all of your old naivety, insecurities, and conflicts into anything new. You’re bound to be single if you do. The same goes with any new project you approach. Remember that last shoot you had where no one slated, and your director kept yelling at you to edit it better? Or better yet, they keep telling you to make it look like Transformers. Yeah, that stuff bites. It bites hard.

We all carry our fair share of baggage throughout life. With each new friendship, relationship, or film job, you have the opportunity to begin anew. You are privileged with not having any pent up animosity towards your team. The mutual respect is there. Remember, you’re there to do your job the best that you can do it. Why else would you even be sitting in the editing suite?

I’ll keep this piece brief. Acknowledge your baggage, accept it, then toss it away, and keep moving forward. If not, your mindset will be conflicted and the calls will stop coming. Don’t worry. You’re in this business because you love it. There are always going to be a few challenges, but at the end of the day it’s worth it.

If any readers have baggage they’d like to vent about, now is your time. The soapbox is yours.

Author: Kyle Harter

Kyle Harter recently relocated to Philadelphia after receiving his BA in Film from the University of Central Florida. Kyle aspires to a career of filmmaking, writing, and adventure. Kyle has a mild obsession with Quentin Tarantino, coffee, and Corgis. He co-authors the film blog, The Main Squeeze.

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