The Other F Word DVD review

You can read Cinedelphia’s previously posted review of the punk father documentary The Other F Word here.


• The commentary track features Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg, Everclear frontman Art Alexakis, and the director and producer.  The punk stories of olde are entertaining and Lindberg is apparently much more modest and likable in real life.  Worth a listen though the parental bonding amongst the participants gets tiresome about five minutes in.

• There’s an outtake compilation of talking heads that alternates between humorous and annoying (not sure where the tour of the Porta-Potty falls) as well as extended interviews with Mark Mothersbaugh and Dr. Drew.  Mothersbaugh talks about smoking Jamaican marijuana and turning down Johnny Rotten’s proposal to join Devo.  Dr. Drew talks about the time that the lead guitarist of Pennywise threw up on him.  All three segments run about four minutes in length.

• Single song acoustic performances are provided by the singer of Everclear (“Father of Mine”) and the singer of Rise Against (“Swing Life Away”).

• Two music videos from The Black Pacific, former Pennywise frontman Jim Lendberg’s new band.  Both are forgettable and the band sounds like…Pennywise by way of Bad Religion.  I’m sure the album is in rotation at Hot Topics everywhere.

• A 15 minute Q&A from SXSW with the filmmakers and some of the stars and and their children.  The audience members ask obvious questions, the subjects give obvious answers…you’ve sat through Q&As like this before.  The guy from Everclear is very appreciative of his inclusion in the film.  The whole affair isn’t the least bit punk.

Oscilloscope’s DVD releases are always packaged in beautiful slipcases (made from recycled paper) and are numbered in the manner of the Criterion Collection thus a row of them looks really good on your display shelves if you care about things like that (I know most of you do).

The Other F Word debuts on DVD this Tuesday, January 31.

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