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About a decade ago a group of five male comedians broke out with their independent hit comedy Super Troopers.  While the last time I watched the movie was in the 9th grade, I seem to recall fond memories of the film and quoting it amongst my small friend group.  I also remember enjoying Beerfest in theaters when it was released, and thinking Club Dread wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone else claimed it was.  Unfortunately The Babymakers is not quite as funny as I remember their past films being, but it also shows a slight departure from their norm and focuses on the drama element far more.  While Lizards’ director Jay Chandrasekhar directs, Kevin Heffernan is the only other Lizard to appear in the film.  Paul Schneider takes the reigns as the leading man in the first comedic starring role I’ve seen him in, while honorary 6th female lizard member Olivia Munn plays his wife and co-star.

The plot is simple:  A couple, Audrey (Olivia) and Tommy (Paul), want to have a baby.  Unfortunately Tommy seems unable to conceive and so, desperate to please his wife, he and his pals decide to break into the sperm bank he donated sperm to long ago to steal back the last sample of his they have left; hilarity ensues.  The film is half romantic comedy and half heist comedy, but the jokes are very crude and should probably be avoided for anyone sensitive to vulgar, potty-mouthed humor.

If you’re familiar with any of the films Broken Lizard has released then you’ll know exactly what you’re in for with this movie.  You may be a tad disappointed to see half the gang missing, but this also opens up for new talent to be introduced into the group such as Paul Schneider.

The Babymakers opens this Friday in limited release.

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Author: Mark Crowell

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