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<i>Arbitrage</i> review

Arbitrage review

The latest screenplay and directorial debut from Nicholas Jarecki (The Informers) is another look at the upper class, this time focusing specifically on hedge fund mogul Robert Miller (Richard Gere).  Mr. Miller appears to be an [...]

<i>Lawless</i> review

Lawless review

During the prohibition era in a small town in Virginia, three brothers make a living selling moonshine illegally.  The Proposition duo of director John Hillcoat and writer/composer Nick Cave re-team to create an exciting, exploitative western [...]

<i>Cosmopolis</i> Review

Cosmopolis Review

Cronenberg’s newest feature since last year’s A Dangerous Method finds him without Viggo Mortensen (the first in 7 years since they started their three-movie streak with A History of Violence) and instead features Robert Pattinson in [...]

<i>The Words</i> Review

The Words Review

The Words is a story within a story tale, about author Clay Hammond’s (Dennis Quaid) book about Rory Jansen, (Bradley Cooper) a young man who has just became the hottest American novelist overnight with his debut [...]

<i>Celeste and Jesse Forever</i> review

Celeste and Jesse Forever review

Celeste and Jesse Forever plays like a typical rom-com about two lovers struggling to make things work, but deep down you know that they’re perfect for each other.  The “catch” this time is that the couple [...]

<i>2 Days in New York</i> Review

2 Days in New York Review

2 Days in New York is Julie Delpy’s sort of sequel to 2 Days in Paris.  This time we find Marion (Julie Delpy) living in New York with her new boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock).  The young [...]

Interview: <i>360</i> Director Fernando Meirelles

Interview: 360 Director Fernando Meirelles

360 is the new film from Fernando Meirelles, the director of City of God and The Constant Gardner. The film follows a wide variety of people and the chance encounters they have with one another.  The story [...]

<i>Killer Joe</i> Review

Killer Joe Review

I’m glad to see Director William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) re-team with his Bug scribe Tracy Letts for another crazy, weird, black comedy.  Bug was an original strange hybrid of black comedy-horror that wasn’t [...]

<i>360</i> Review

360 Review

360 is a revolving story.  The story covers a broad range of different people across different class  and ethnicity and connects them all through their desires and impulses.  The first story starts out in Vienna with [...]

<i>The Bunny Game</i> Blu-ray Review

The Bunny Game Blu-ray Review

I don’t get why this movie was banned in the U.K.  It was extremely boring and not nearly as depraved as I had thought it would be.  If you’re looking to watch some exploitative torture movie [...]

<i>Ruby Sparks</i> review

Ruby Sparks review

I was happily surprised with Ruby Sparks, seeing as I went in knowing nothing about it and assuming it was more IB (Indie-bullshit), but I ended up really enjoying it.  After watching the movie I looked [...]