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Israeli Film Festival: <i>The Flood</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: The Flood review

Yoni leads a complicated life for a 12 year old Israeli boy.  He struggles to grow into a man’s body before his impending Bar Mitzva.  He sells homework to buy body building wonder powder on the [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Melting Away</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Melting Away review

Shlomo hopes to teach his teenaged son Assaf (Chen Yann) a lesson, after he discovers women’s clothing and accessories in Assaf’s room, where he trashes his son’s paintings in a fit of rage.  Shlomo ignores the [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>My Lovely Sister</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: My Lovely Sister review

One of the highlights of this year’s Israeli Film Festival, My Lovely Sister is a light yet poignant drama that explores familial ties both tangible and otherworldly.  The film’s magical tone is established from the onset [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>My Australia</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: My Australia review

Director Ami Drozd turns the camera on his own childhood experiences for this affecting portrait of cultural confusion and coming-of age.  Two brothers, Tadek (younger) and Andrzej (older) are growing up fatherless in 1960’s Lodz, Poland.  [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Restoration</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Restoration review

After his business partner Malamud’s death, Yaakov Fidelman is left to fend for his antique furniture restoration business.  This scenario brings to light all the imperfections in his relationships, and the degree to which he has [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Torn</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Torn review

The basic question that the documentary Torn posits is:  Can one be a Catholic priest and an observant Jew at the same time?  Free will would dictate the possibility, but those that rule over these opposing [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Dolphin Boy</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Dolphin Boy review

The documentary Dolphin Boy follows teenage Morad’s progression out of a near catatonic state thanks to a process called Dolphin Therapy.  Psychiatrist Dr. Kutz narrates the story of Morad’s self-imposed disconnection from reality following a beating [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Dusk</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Dusk review

This Crash-like drama set in modern Tel Aviv examines a variety of familial relationships while illustrating the now standard theme that we are all connected in some manner.  An airport duty free clerk learns the identity [...]

Israeli Film Festival: <i>Intimate Grammar</i> review

Israeli Film Festival: Intimate Grammar review

Writer/director Nir Bergman (one of the forces behind the hit Israeli television series BeTipul, remade by HBO as In Treatment) adapts acclaimed author David Grossman’s 1991 coming of age novel, The Book of Intimate Grammar.  11-year-old [...]

2012 Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia Lineup

2012 Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia Lineup

The 16th annual Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia runs weekly screenings from February 25 – April 1 at a variety of venues throughout the city.  Last year I praised the festival for their strong programming, variety [...]