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INTERVIEW: <i>Blackfish</i> director Gabriela Cowperthwaite

INTERVIEW: Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite

The documentary Blackfish examines the ethical practices of marine parks, specifically Sea World in the wake of the controversial 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau at the hands of Tilikum the killer whale.  Heartbreaking for animal [...]

Interview: <i>Fruitvale Station</i> director Ryan Coogler

Interview: Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler

As is often the case with films that explore the impact of events that are pulled from today’s headlines, Fruitvale Station is destined to become a centerpiece in the broader conversation about violence and race, and [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>John Dies at the End</i> director Don Coscarelli

INTERVIEW: John Dies at the End director Don Coscarelli

When asked the “What’s your favorite movie?” question, my go-to answer has always been Phantasm I-IV. I have an emotional connection to those movies that you could never understand, and I honestly think that the series [...]

INTERVIEW: Ross McElwee on <i>Photographic Memory</i>

INTERVIEW: Ross McElwee on Photographic Memory

Noted documentarian Ross McElwee will be hosting a screening of his new film, Photographic Memory, at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, November 8 (details here).  Funded by a French commission, the latest chapter in McElwee’s [...]

INTERVIEW: Brooklyn Brothers (Ryan O’Nan + Michael Weston)

INTERVIEW: Brooklyn Brothers (Ryan O’Nan + Michael Weston)

In an effort to pay tribute to his musical inspirations, actor Ryan O’Nan chose a band-centered project for his first effort as writer/director, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best.  Both casting and fate led him to his [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>Jobriath A.D.</i> director Kieran Turner

INTERVIEW: Jobriath A.D. director Kieran Turner

The Philadelphia Premiere of the new documentary on the Philadelphia-born, King of Prussia-raised almost uncategorizable glam rocker Jobriath is happening this coming weekend as part of the Philadelphia QFest 2012.  Cinedelphia recently spoke with the film’s [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>A Polite Bribe</i> Director Robert Orlando

INTERVIEW: A Polite Bribe Director Robert Orlando

A Polite Bribe, the new film from Writer/Director/Producer Robert Orlando, is an in-depth documentary on the life of the Apostle Paul told through a unique form of animation. Cinedelphia sat down with Robert on the eve [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>Changing the Game</i> director Rel Dowdell

INTERVIEW: Changing the Game director Rel Dowdell

Cinedelphia recently spoke with Philly native Rel Dowdell, writer/director of the new dramatic thriller Changing the Game. *** CINEDELPHIA: So this is your second feature film, was your first one set in Philly as [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>Changing the Game</i>‘s Tony Todd

INTERVIEW: Changing the Game‘s Tony Todd

Veteran stage/screen actor Tony Todd was recently in Philadelphia for the premiere of the locally shot dramatic thriller Changing the Game.  Todd spoke to Cinedelphia about his new film, his upcoming projects, and the contrasting worlds [...]

INTERVIEW: Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait

INTERVIEW: Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait

A homicidal duo cross the country laying waste to the cruel denizens of modern popular culture in writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest feature, God Bless America.  From spoiled teenagers to people who talk in movie theaters, no [...]

INTERVIEW: <i>The Boondock Saints</i> director Troy Duffy

INTERVIEW: The Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy

The inevitable video game adaptation of modern genre favorite The Boondock Saints was announced at a SXSW panel this past weekend.  The Austin-based transmedia production company Critical Mass Interactive are spearheading the project and are currently [...]