SINedelphia at New York Comic Con 2012: Horror Panels

Cinedelphia attended the New York Comic Con this weekend and was lucky enough to see some pretty high profile horror panels.  Check out what to expect from each film coming out in the next few weeks and months.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D:  Director/writer Michael J. Bassett showed up with actress Radha Mitchell, Kitt Harington, and one of the film’s producers.  I’ve never seen the first Silent Hill movie, and after attending this panel I don’t think I’ll be seeing the second one.  They made a big deal about showing us the first 3D featurette (to be on the DVD) and though it was interesting to see, the featurette didn’t make me want to see the movie any more.

Highlight of the panel was when Bassett stated that he would like to make another Silent Hill movie that didn’t have to follow the games so closely, to which the audience was dead silent.

The Conjuring:  Director James Wan showed up along with stars Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston.  We got to see a trailer for the movie and a brief clip.  The clip showed us Lili Taylor playing some hide and seek type game involving clapping and a blindfold with one of her kids.  As the blindfolded mother staggers through her house listening for the claps of her kid, she hears a clapping coming from the bureau.  When she suddenly opens it up expecting to find her daughter hiding in it, it is empty.  Spooky right?  The next clip they showed takes place later that night and the mother is awoken by a noise coming from the basement.  She heads to the stairs and suddenly sees all the picture frames shaking and falling off of the wall.  Eventually she goes to the basement where the noises are coming from and just as she’s about the leave, something pulls the basement door shut, trapping her in the basement.  Then in the darkness she lights a match and two hands suddenly pop out from behind her and clap.  The clip ends.  Unfortunately this looks like just another “paranormal” ghost story, but I’m a fan of James Wan and am still holding out hope for the film.

Highlight of the panel:  When a woman stood up and told James Wan that she was the one who recommended the case to the people the film is based on and asked to meet up later because she had some information that “they might not be aware of.”

The Bay:  Director Barry Levinson showed up to promote his new “found footage” film about parasitic sea creatures living in the Chesapeake Bay that begin infesting humans.  We were shown a few clips, one of which was a little girl who looked like she had been infected by the critters.  She’s skyping a friend and her entire arm has a bunch of red sores.  She then moves the camera down to her leg and we see the red sores are covering her body.  Another clip showed two researchers cutting open a dead fish that had been eaten alive by the parasites.  We get a good look at a bunch of little white ones (which are actually real) before a big black one starts moving around.  The movie looked like all the other other found footage movie that have been coming out recently, but the fact that an Academy Award winning director is making this has me intrigued.

Highlight of the panel: Hearing Barry Levinson reply to someone’s question of “how similar is your movie to Paranormal Activity” by describing the plot of the Paranormal Activity movies in a complete deadpan.

Beautiful Creatures:  What is this?  I’d never heard of this until Comic Con and from the looks of it, it seems to be trying to be the next Twilight.  Director/writer Richard LaGravenese appeared along with the two writers of the book series and some of the cast.  We saw a trailer and a featurette that will probably be on the DVD.  I’m guessing this wont have the same draw as the Twilight series had, but if you’d shown me clips from the first Twilight movie I never would have guessed that would be a hit either.

Carrie:  Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, and director Kimberly Peirce all showed up to talk a bit about the new Carrie remake.  We saw a brief teaser showing the destruction of the entire town and a brief shot of Chloe covered in blood.  This film doesn’t look to be an adaptation of the previous film, but goes back to Stephen King’s book.  The ending now seems to expand much further than just the school and shows the town’s destruction.  The film looks promising, with a great cast and an award-winning director.  I had low expectations for this movie but after hearing Kimberly, Julianne, and Chloe speak I think it could end up pretty good.  Kimberly seems very competent and in control of what she wants.

Highlight of the panel:  Hearing Kimberly tell the audience that over a thousand gallons of blood were used in the film.

Evil Dead:  Bruce Campbell, star Jane Levy, and director/writer Fede Alvarez all showed up for the Evil Dead remake panel to debut a teaser and reveal the first official picture.  I’m not incredibly enthusiastic about the Evil Dead series, but I find them all to be a lot of fun.  Unfortunately the teaser they showed made the film look like just another run of the mill gross out horror film.  The Director claimed that because English was not his first language that they brought in Diablo Cody to punch up the dialogue.  English is my first language, so maybe this really was necessary, but I’ve seen plenty of foreign filmmakers write and direct their own English movies that turned out quite well.  To me it just sounded like an excuse for a shoddy script that producers hoped would be brought to life with Diablo Cody’s brilliant wit (And we all know how well that turned out with Jennifer’s Body).  It also seems like Fede has no idea what makes the campy Evil Dead movies so great.  His version has no comedy and has even said that there will be no scene with the hose in this one.  I don’t know what Sam Raimi was thinking, but this guy should not be directing a feature length movie just because he made this.  While Bruce Campbell was hilarious and awesome as always, it was disappointing to hear him confirm he wouldn’t appear at all in the film.  Even more disappointing was watching this extremely charismatic man stand up there with the audience hanging to his every word while the films new star sat next to him, completely overshadowed.  Not a good sign.

Highlight of the panel: Pretty much everything Bruce Campbell said.

Author: Mark Crowell

Mark is a reviewer and intern for Cinedelphia and is a film student currently studying film and video in the directing program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He loves watching/writing/talking about film. Follow him on twitter:

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