SINedelphia 2013: Week 1


It’s been a busy opening week of horror-related content for our SINedelphia celebration, and we’re just getting started! In case you missed some things, here’s a recap! See you next week!


SINedelphia Announcement

5 Days of Goblin: Day 1, Tenebre


5 Days of Goblin: Day 2, Suspiria


5 Days of Goblin: Day 3, Dawn of the Dead

SINedelphia 2013: 13 Obscure and Neglected Vincent Price Films


5 Days of Goblin: Day 4, Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)

From the List of Shame Files: The Evil Dead


5 Days of Goblin: Day 5, Buio Omega


Author: Jill Malcolm

Jill is happiest attending midnight screenings with other crazy film fans at her local theater. Her other passions include reading, traveling to faraway places, cat videos, pugs, and jalapeƱo peppers. She is co-founder of the blog Filmhash.

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