SINedelphia 2012: Hiway Theatre presents FRIGHTFEST

Jenkintown’s Hiway Theatre is getting into the Halloween spirit with a 12 hour horror movie marathon comprised of classic horror films that will begin at midnight on Saturday, October 27 and run until Noon on Sunday.  It’s an impressive lineup with a mix of digital/35 mm prints selected by the Hiway’s General Manager, Alison Silverman.  Here’s her take on the evening:

“I’ve always wanted to run either a series of horror films over the month of October or to hold a movie marathon of horror films.  Film preservationist and historian Lou DiCrescenzo and I have often talked about which of his films would be part of such an event and then the time came and I was able to program one at the Hiway Theatre.  It was a difficult choice to make regarding titles, Lou has many more, but I wanted to primarily choose from some of his titles that haven’t been shown in theatres in years.  The Tingler is my favorite. After all, the best part of the film happens in a movie theatre.

As a kid, I always watched Dr. Shock, and he ran many of the titles, so seeing these films again will be great.  Even better, because they’ll be on a movie screen instead of a 24 inch television set.  I’ll be running the projector and keeping busy in the lobby with the staff for the event.  However, I will get to see the films before the Frightfest, because I’ll do a test run over a few days, to get volume levels set for each film.  Lou will inspect all his prints first and I believe he’s going to add a drive in clock intermission spot to the line up.  We will have three 20 minute intermissions, so the audience can stretch their legs and visit the concession stand if they wish.  During those intermissions, I’m going to give away some prizes to add to the fun.  We will keep the concession stand open for the entire event and in addition to our usual treats of locally baked cookies, Mexican Coke and Fanta, Fizzy Lizzy drinks and imported chocolates we’re going to have hot dogs (both beef and vegetarian), nachos, and Halloween themed cupcakes from Velvet Sky Bakery who supplies our cookies. In the morning we will have breakfast treats.

When I was given the okay to run the Frightfest from our Executive Director Fred Kaplan-Mayer, the only weekend we had available in October that didn’t have a Sunday morning private rental was the 27-28.  I did feel bad that it was the same weekend as Exhumed Films’ 24 hour Marathon, but I know they sell out their event way in advance, so we wouldn’t be competing with them.  I would love to make this an annual event.  We will be requesting that patrons leave their comments, suggestions and contact information on forms in the lobby so we can add other late night  events to the Hiway Theatre.  It’s been a lot of fun planning and programming the Frightfest and the theatre’s service staff has been a tremendous help, with distribution of flyers and posting it as an event to their Facebook friends.”

So if you didn’t get tickets to the 24 Hour Horror-Thon, the Hiway is the place to be the weekend prior to Halloween.

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Author: Eric Bresler

Eric is the Founder/Site Editor of whose additional activities are numerous: Director/Curator of the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA), founder of Tokyo No Records, the brain behind Video Pirates, and active local film programmer including the Unknown Japan screening series. He’s served as a TLA Video Manager, Philadelphia Film Society Managing Director, and Adjunct Professor in Cinema Studies at Drexel University. He is shy and modest. Email Eric.

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