Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss book review

The first book from young UK-based artist Olly Moss is a coffee table must-have for film lovers around the globe.  Silhouettes from Popular Culture (Titan Books) is a 144 page, square (7″ x 7″) hardbound treat with a textured cover that presents single-page silhouettes of (mostly) recognizable figures from film and television history.  Following a foreword by director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and an introduction by the author, the text-free images are laid out one a page in a very intentional manner.  They face each other on opposite sides based on plot (Harry Potter and Voldemort, Marty and Doc Brown, the Monolith and Dave), actor (Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow, The Man with No Name and Dirty Harry), and theme (He-Man and a Ninja Turtle, Spock and a Facehugger-covered figure).  It’s hard to pick favorites, but a few of mine include Kaneda/Tetsuo, Withnail/I, and three pages worth of every incarnation of Doctor Who (including Matt Smith).  If you’re in need of a quick and inexpensive gift for a film-lover this holiday season then look no further.

Silhouettes from Popular Culture is now available.

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Author: Eric Bresler

Eric is the Founder/Site Editor of whose additional activities are numerous: Director/Curator of the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA), founder of Tokyo No Records, the brain behind Video Pirates, and active local film programmer including the Unknown Japan screening series. He’s served as a TLA Video Manager, Philadelphia Film Society Managing Director, and Adjunct Professor in Cinema Studies at Drexel University. He is shy and modest. Email Eric.

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