Podcasts from our staff writers:

I Like To Movie Movie – Dan Scully and Garrett Smith

Dan and Garret, along with various guests (some of whom can also
be read here on Cinedlephia!) discuss a new release or older film each episode. They offer criticism, comedy riffing, and insight into each film. They love “Movie Movies” and especially Bone Tomahawk.

Life + the movies – Jeff Piotrowski, Zak, and Tyler

Jeff, Zak, and Tyler are 3 dudes, sipping brews, and sharing views on Life and the movies.


Shame Files – Ryan Silberstein and Jill Malcolm
Join hosts Ryan Silberstein and Jill Malcolm as they cross movies they should have already seen off of their List of Shame. Each episode they dive into a movie that’s new to them and discuss it in depth.