PFF 2015: Weekday Picks

These are the films we hope to see this week at PFF! For the complete schedule and to purchase tickets visit

Bridgend (2015, dir. Jeppe Rønde, starring Hannah Murray, Steven Waddington, Josh O’Connor)

An unsettling film based on true events in Wales, we welcome Danish director Jeppe Rønde’s first feature after seeing another wonderful debut at PFF, Mustang.

Playing at the at the Ritz East on Wednesday at 9:30PM.

The Birth of Saké official trailer from erik shirai on Vimeo.

The Birth of Sake (2015, dir. Erik Shirai)

We love food and beverage documentaries, and the process of making alcohol is particularly fascinating. This documentary about the 145-year old Tedorigawa Brewery seems to be that magical mix of beautiful, informative, and mouth-watering, a combination shared by Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Mind of a Chef.

Playing at the at the Ritz East on Thursday at 5:00PM, and Saturday at the Ritz Bourse at 4:45PM.

Man Up (2015, dir. Ben Palmer, starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg)

Romantic comedies are long overdue for a comeback, and this British entry seems like an opportune place to start. It’s just high concept enough, but even the trailer demonstrates a thoughtfulness at its core. Plus, Lake Bell and Simon Pegg. While Pegg doesn’t have a great track record, I firmly believe Lake Bell can do no wrong!

Playing at the at the Ritz East on Wednesday at 4:45PM.

Guilty (2015, dir. Meghna Gulzar, starring Somen Mishra, Irrfan Khan)

An Indian thriller with a hint of Rashomon and a dose of the Zodiac-esque approach to the crime film procedural. Irrfan Khan was already a star in India before taking roles in high profile US films like Slumdog Millionaire, Jurassic World, and The Life of Pi. We can’t wait to see where he pops up next!

Playing at the at the Ritz East on Wednesday at 5:00PM and Sunday at 7:10.

Brooklyn (2015, dir. John Crowley, starring Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson)

We were first interested in seeing this period film based on a Colm Tóibín novel after learning about its protagonist, Eilis, a young Irish immigrant who is seeking better fortunes in 1950’s America. Love story aside, it’s not everyday we see an immigrant story based on the experience of a singular female character.

Playing at the at the Prince Theater on Tuesday at 6:00PM.

Mediterranea (2015, dir. Jonas Carpignano, starring Paolo Sciarretta, Alassane Sy, Koudous Seihon)

This film is about the perilous journey two friends take from Burkino Faso to Italy in search of a better life. It will no doubt serve as yet another poignant testament to the risks refugees and migrants from all over the world are willing to take to change their lives, and the lives of their families.

Playing at the at the Ritz East on Wednesday at 12:20PM and on Friday at 10PM.

Author: Ryan Silberstein

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