Oscars 2015: Recap and Menu

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For better or worse, the Oscar telecast is something we both look forward to each year. After Ellen DeGeneres’ fairly vanilla turn last year, Neil Patrick Harris brought a slightly glitzier version of the same, with unbridled and occasionally musical enthusiasm backed up by a slick production. Ultimately, the ceremony was just exceptionally long, and none of the comedy bits after the opener truly landed.

While Lady Gaga actually delivered a stunning performance, John Legend and Common brought the house to it’s feet, and for a few brief minutes, everything was awesome, most of the ceremony was bland and uninspiring. The only other highlights were some of ‘below the line’ winners outlasting the orchestra trying to play them off. We went a personal best of 20 for 24 with our predictions, but for a brief moment of wondering if The Grand Budapest Hotel or Whiplash were going to make a run for it, there were very few real surprises.

The Menu


Each year we put together a menu inspired by the Best Picture nominees. This year (clockwise starting from the top left): “Birdman Wings with a Mango-Habanero Whiplash sauce,” 21st Amendment Bitter American Pale Ale for American Sniper the only film that drove us to drink this year, Theory of Everything Twists from Trader Joe’s, “Codecracker Cereal Bars” in honor of The Imitation Game, made from Post Alpha-Bits Cereal (yes, they still make it!), an aged cheddar for Boyhood, and Mendl’s chocolates from Chillings and Chocolates in Upper Darby for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Author: JIll Malcolm and Ryan Silberstein

“This is the business we’ve chosen!” Jill Malcolm and Ryan Silberstein, two self-described film aficionados, tell it like it is about the latest and greatest movies. They are Contributing editors here at Cinedelphia, writing partners, and founders of Filmhash.com.

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