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UPDATE: Cinedelphia contributor John Dorman shares the results…

Argo might have won Best Picture, but Life of Pie won the most awards with four, including the only real shock of the night in Ang Lee winning Best Director for the second time.

Of the four Oscars Life of Pie won, however, I only guessed half of them correct, because I had it winning for Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography, but Best Director and Best Score were surprises to me.

Other things that I got wrong were Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay—which both went to Argo—Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Sound Mixing—which went to Les Miserables—and Best Production Design—which went to Lincoln.

Most things went according to plan, for I hit 65% of my predictions. All of the acting awards went the way I’d expected, with Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Christoph Waltz and Anne Hathaway winning. In fact, I hit the first five awards and eight of the first ten, so it was a good night for my prognostication.

A highlight of the night was Adele singing her Oscar-winning song from Skyfall. It wasn’t the only Bond song of the night, though, because the theme from Goldfinger was sung as well, by Shirley Bassey.

Host Seth McFarland did a grand job as well with a song of his own, “I Saw Your Boobs”, and there was also a funny opening bit involving a reenactment of Flight with sock puppets.

The only thing funnier than McFarland was the appearance of the star of Ted, and half the time he was busy looking for what he called the “Post Oscar Hollywood Orgy.”

Good times.


Cinedelphia contributor John Dorman gives us his Oscar picks, check back on Monday to see how he did.


Other than Beasts of the Southern Wild, every other Best Picture nominee is scheduled to win an Academy Award, according to my calculations.

You have Amour for Best Foreign Language Film, Argo for Best Picture, Django Unchained for Best Original Screenplay, Les Miserables for Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway, Life of Pie for Best Visual Effects, Lincoln for Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, Silver Linings Playbook for Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence, and Zero Dark Thirty for Best Editing.

Other films set to gather awards are Anna Karenina and Skyfall. The former should take Best Costume Design and Best Production Design, and the latter should take Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Interesting thing about Skyfall, too, is that it became the third Bond film to be nominated for Best Original Song, except this time, with the help of Adele, it looks to be in the clear to win.

More little followed categories are Best Animated Feature and Best Documentary Feature. Brave should take Best Animated Feature because Pixar is six-for-eight all time in that category, so statistically, at the very least, it appears set. For Best Documentary Feature, Searching For Sugar Man has taken every other major contest this awards season, so it seems to be a lock as well. And to complete the little followed categories section, Hitchcock takes Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

The most competitive categories of this whole ordeal are Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Adapted Screenplay. All of those nominated for Best Supporting Actor already have Oscars, so this grouping is stacked. My guess is Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), but don’t count out Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) or Robert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook), for they both would be logical picks for the Academy to make. Best Cinematography is another loaded group with three-time winner Robert Richardson (Django Unchained), two-time victor Janusz Kaminski (Lincoln), and ten-time nominee Roger Deakins (Skyfall) as nominees, but it’ll most likely go to Claudio Miranda (Life of Pie) because he’s won everything else this awards season.

Best Original Score and Best Adapted Screenplay are two categories for which I’m making an educated guess, because they could both easily go several different ways. Best Original Score includes five-time nominee Alexandre Desplat (Argo) and nine-time nominee Thomas Newman (Skyfall), but I’ll go with a favorite of the Academy in five-time Oscar recipient John Williams (Lincoln) as my educated guess. Best Adapted Screenplay comes down to two scripts: Argo (written by Chris Terrio) and Lincoln (Tony Kushner). I’d imagine Lincoln takes this one, too, just because Lincoln looks like it’ll win most of the categories straight up against Argo—except Best Picture of course.

The weirdest category in terms of nominees is Best Director, for the whole list appears set up just to give Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) his third Oscar in said category. The other four nods don’t stand a chance.

So the big winner will be Argo for Best Picture, but Lincoln takes home the most awards with four Oscars to its credit, and the most celebrated Bond movie ever by the Academy, Skyfall, goes an impressive three-for-five.

Author: John Dorman

John is currently studying at Temple University in Northern Philadelphia; his dream vocation is writing about movies, so this just feels right. Other than that he spends his time listening to Bob Dylan

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