Lynch Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Returns


Let’s cast a glance back towards last week’s column where I made the arbitrary decision to kick-off Cinedelphia’s horror-themed month with a little excavation of David Lynch’s 1990 television seriesTwin Peaks. A propros of nothing, mind you. And then, lo and behold, the news breaks that after 26 years, David Lynch will be directing nine new episodes of Twin Peaks. I wouldn’t call myself prescient but if you wanted to, that would be okay.

Since the news broke, I’ve been asked several times what I think of this startling development. I’m feeling it all, friends. Five years ago, when I watched Twin Peaks for the first time, I watched the final episode and thought (probably like everyone else who has seen it before today): WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? THERE IS NO SOLUTION! OH, I JUST FEEL SO UPSET.  WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? In that order. It’s weirdly ungratifying to think that I had to make my peace with that for nothing or possibly, the aftertaste of nothing.

It’s conceivable that whatever the next nine episodes bring, will not make a difference. This may seem pessimistic; obviously it would be truly wonderful if this emerged as something continuous and organic feeling. However, I’m a realist. That is also not to say that the revamp will be detrimental. The show has stood on its own for 26 years, nine episodes won’t take anything away from that. The new episodes will merely be forgotten or the small talk at some party (“oh jeez, how embarrassing for them to bring it back like that…” they may titter). The revival also seems tied to Twin Peaks’ recent young, hip fan-following of the past couple of years. Not to be a jerk but it’s become like Breaking Bad in the sense that people whose opinions I don’t trust at all are super into it which for reasons I can’t quite grasp, freaks me out.

If this version of Twin Peaks were to make me happy it would need several things: 1) Never mention the name James Hurley ever again. Ever. Seriously I can’t believe I endured two seasons of that dude. Also Heather Graham and Billy Zane. Get that shit out of here. 2) If anything happens to Dale Cooper, the nation will LOSE IT. 3) More David Lynch, less Mark Frost. We all know that the show fell apart when Lynch went off to make Wild at Heart and Frost took over. Let’s not have another James Hurley affair with some older lady in the middle of nowhere storyline. No one cares about that. Seriously, eff James Hurley.

But I guess one of the largest concerns is about timelessness. Twin Peaks may have been made in the 90s, and there’s a certain cinematic quality I suppose that exhibits that, but it exists in its own Brigadoon dreamscape. It’s ephemeral. The inherent problem with redoing something that encompasses these ideals 26 years later is that, inevitably, a date emerges. I can hear the comments of, “wow he aged badly!” now. If this can be avoided and fluidity can be achieved, than David Lynch will have truly surpassed my expectations. Until then, the unfortunate memory of Fire Walk with Me will clout any goodwill I have towards a Twin Peaks remake.

Author: Madeline Meyer

Madeline recently graduated from Oberlin College where she studied Cinema Studies. She writes screenplays and ill-received dad jokes. She likes board games and olives.

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