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Yeah, I couldn’t not post a link to a headline like “Meet the Inbred Community in Exclusive Bloody Clip.” Thanks, Bloody Disgusting.

Here Darren Bousman discusses his upcoming film The Barrens and how it differs from the aesthetic of his more recent efforts. (Bloody Disgusting)

Some new things revealed about the forthcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D. The most intriguing is that the filmmakers’ intention is to make a direct sequel to the 1974 classic. (3D Focus)

Empire Online gives us a look at the Prometheus that could have been. Whether you loved or hated the film, this interview with original screenwriter John Spaihts is certainly fascinating.

Thankskilling 3, skipping the sequel. Hm. Cool poster, at least. (Bloody Disgusting)

It looks like Andre Ovredal is developing a monster franchise called Enormous. Awesome news if you ask me. Glad to see Andre tackling monsters again. I LOVE his work. (Hollywood Reporter)

Indie filmmaker Dante Tomaselli is teasing the idea of remaking Alice Sweet Alice. I’ll let you guys decide if you like the idea. 😛 (Bloody Disgusting)

This poster for John Dies at the End is AWESOME! (Fangoria)

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that this remake of Evil Dead is happening. I remember trolling forums in my teens when rumors of a fourth film were still brewing. Nevertheless, here it is: the official site for the forthcoming remake. Oh, and there is a FB page too if you feel compelled to give it some like.

Here are some clips for Magnet Releasing’s Jack & Diane. That is one sickly looking werewolf, no? (Bloody Disgusting)


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