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When talking with Bloody Disgusting about “John Dies at the End,” Don Coscarelli oh-so-cruelly teased the prospect of Phantasm 5. I wouldn’t get too excited yet. He’s made almost the exact same comments on numerous occasions.

Okay, so a new Twilight Zone movie. I’m on board if the right people are involved. If not, I’ll probably see it anyway. (Vulture)

Meanwhile, this Fresh Meat movie looks ridiculous! (Bloody Disgusting)

Merry Christmas, fiends. Check out the trailer for the upcoming remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Retitled Silent Night, it stars Malcolm McDowell and Jamie King, no strangers to slasher remakes as they’ve starred in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and My Bloody Valentine 3D respectively.

While I admittedly wasn’t as blown away by V/H/S as I wanted to be, I continue to be impressed by the design in the film itself and in its marketing. Check out the poster for the UK release. (Hollywood News)

Speaking of ridiculous, our old friend Dario Argento premiered these two clips from his forthcoming Dracula 3D. I haven’t totally turned against the guy. I thought Mother of Tears and Giallo weren’t terrible, but man, I really hope these clips were intended to be as funny as they are. (Shock Til You Drop)

The forthcoming Under the Bed gives us a promo poster with a classic look. It has the feel of a 1980s horror gem. (Dread Central)

Check out this trailer for Jurassic Park 3D. Complain about post-converted 3D all you want, but you know you want to see this.

Here’s the trailer for Warm Bodies, a zombie love story. I think? This sounds like it could actually have the potential to be inventive and charming. I hope it fulfills that potential.

Also in the realm of zombies, the World War Z trailer was also premiered. It looks pretty cool, but I am a bit worried because of all the troubles that plagued the productions. At the very least, I’m looking forward to watching Brad Pitt shoot zombies. (Empire Online)


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