Lucas Mangum’s Horror Corner: MAR 25 – 31

Lucas Mangum’s Horror Corner is a weekly roundup of recent horror-related posts from around the web; a handy guide to the notable horror happenings of the past week.  Enjoy…


Fans of horror and heavy metal were treated last week to the news that former Pantera front man, Phil Anselmo, will be starting his own horror film festival.  Having followed the singer’s career, I know he has great taste in movies.  I’m definitely interested to see what sort of films he lines up. (Austin Chronicle)

On Monday, Bloody Disgusting ranked the Nightmare on Elm Street films.  Do you agree with their list?

The writing duo behind Underworld-Awakening is set to adapt the novel Collected Swedish Cults.  The novel is a collection of good versus evil stories that are part of a larger story. (Hollywood Reporter)

From the looks of the trailer, Detention is shaping up to be the direct descendant of Scream.  I’m perfectly okay with this. (Bloody Disgusting)

Last Monday, Dread Central revealed the full cast of the forthcoming French horror film, Fever.  It boasts some genre favorites including Catriona MacColl (yes, from Fulci’s The Beyond).

Fangoria gave us the full audio commentary lineup for the Theater Bizarre DVD/Blu Ray, and it looks like almost all of the directors are participating.

A ton of info was released via the official website of the upcoming film The Monk.  This is an adaptation of Matthew Lewis’ Gothic classic.  If done right, this could be one of the better horror movies in recent memory. (Official site)

Bob Odenkirk to voice Satan?  That gets filed under the “Yes, Please” category. (Deadline)

Clive Barker’s announced in an interview that his classic Night Breed was being developed and reimagined as a cable TV series.  This is really exciting news.  The story behind Night Breed, like most of Barker’s work, is such a rich mythology, and it has a lot of potential for a long-running series. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. (Official site)

Well, it looks like the world is getting more Chucky.  Not only will there be a remake of Child’s Play, but there will also be a spin-off titled Chucky’s Revenge.  Fucking doll just won’t die. (Moviehole)

Sand Sharks arrived for our viewing pleasure (?) on VOD.  Starring not one, but two of Hulk Hogan’s children, this promises to be one for the funny papers.  I’d be lying if I told you I won’t watch it, though. (Dread Central)

Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus.  I… well… the title says it all. (Fangoria)

According to this and this, it looks like Human Centipede 3 is facing some challenges.  It’d be a shame for fans not to see the series reach its conclusion.

Deadline announced production of the film Bloodloss.  It’s about, you guessed it, vampires.  What sets it apart is that it will be a pseudo-documentary, incorporating footage of people who actually participate in the vampire lifestyle.  Yum. (Deadline)

Speaking of vampires, rights to a script called Garden District were acquired by Dimension.  The film follows a group of investigators following up on a viral video of a vampire execution. (Bloody Disgusting)

French thriller novel, Syndrome E, looks to be getting the film treatment from Paramount Pictures.  The plot sounds reminiscent of The Ring or 8mm, but seems to have its own twists and turns. I’d be excited to see this. (Deadline)

Dread Central premiered this insane trailer for Evidence.  This one looks like it has a ton of promise.

Bloody Disgusting gave us the creepy trailer for Lovely Molly, the newest film from the creator of The Blair Witch Project.  Looks a lot less low key, but judging from the trailer alone, it seems to handle the material well.  This will be interesting to see.

Dread Central gave us the skinny on Snow Shark.  These shark movies just keep on coming…

On the last day of Indie Horror Month, Dread Central gave us the news on a horror film set in the Old West called The Merchant.  The Old West has a lot of potential as a horror film setting, so if this is done right, it could really break through.

B-Movie star, Tiffany Shepis wrote a humorous post over at Fangoria about her identity as a good luck charm and some insight into the nature of the film industry.


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