Lucas Mangum’s Horror Corner: JUNE 3 – 9

Lucas Mangum’s Horror Corner is a weekly roundup of recent horror-related posts from around the web; a handy guide to the notable horror happenings of the past week.  Enjoy…


Scream, the TV series, eh? I hope they involve Kevin Williamson. He’s the backbone of that series, and Wes Craven’s knack for suspense was the meat on those bones. I’m sure it will be fine so long as it doesn’t turn into Jersey Shore with a few disembowelments. (TV Line)

Tom Holland, beloved director of Fright Night and Child’s Play, sets his sights on Stephen King for an upcoming adaptation of The Ten O’clock People. He’s tackled King’s work before, directing Thinner and The Langoliers. This isn’t the only King work to get the film treatment in 2013. Carrie and The Stand are also being remade. (Fangoria)

In an interesting bit of news, it was reported that Clive Barker is teaming with to write and direct Zombies versus Gladiators. No way! It’s hard to go wrong with Clive Barker, and I’m amped to see him direct again.

Fangoria interviewed star Bill Moseley on his upcoming film Rogue River.

Travis Baker spoke with Fangoria about his upcoming slasher film Mischief Night. This one sounds like it’s going to be a love letter to films like Halloween. It will be interesting to see how they pull it off.

Speaking of Stephen King, it looks like they’re talking about adapting his magnificent novel, It, again. Cary Fukunaga is set to write and direct. This time it will be two films released on the big screen. I think a theatrical release can be very beneficial for the novel. While I liked the 1990 miniseries for ABC, I think that being on network television limited the work in a way. I’ll be watching the development of this one very closely. (Hollywood Reporter)

Bloody Disgusting interviewed Noomi Rapace on the experience of filming Prometheus.

The Tall Man, the eagerly awaited film from the director of Martyrs, is slated for a DVD/BluRay release date of September 25th. You can catch it in limited theaters August 31st. (Bloody Disgusting)

“Phans” everywhere were teased with news of a fifth Phantasm movie. As much as seeing Reggie and Mike square off against the Tall Man one more time would delight me, I’m not holding my breath… I might be praying though. (Dread Central)


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