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The Body, the new film from Julia’s Eyes producers and newcomer director Oriol Paulo, is set to open at the 45th Stiges International Film Festival. (Bloody Disgusting)

The long-delayed Dracula film, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, just offered a role to Viggo Mortenson. Seems that things are moving ahead, albeit slowly. (Bloody Disgusting)

Interesting-looking thriller, Mystery Road starring Hugo Weaving, just began filming in the Queensland town of Winton. (If)

Werewolf graphic novel, Feeding Ground, is headed for the screen courtesy of The Crow and American Psycho producer, Edward Pressman Brings. (Comic Book Movie)

The long-awaited, award-winning horror comedy The Revenant is finally seeing distribution through New York-based independent company Paladin. (Bloody Disgusting)

Dig this awesome trailer for producer Roland Emmerich’s Hell. (Bloody Disgusting)

This animated tribute to The Evil Dead trilogy is awesome. Just saying. (Exmortis Films)

Well, it’s official. The Carrie remake has just started filming. (Bloody Disgusting)

…and speaking of remakes, the popular erotic horror film, Embrace of the Vampire is getting the reboot (or other euphemism for remake) treatment. (Variety)

The international trailer for Pascal Laugier, director of the excellent Martyrs, has just dropped via it’s official site. So psyched for this one! (Tall Man Movie)


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