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Evan Dickson over at Bloody Disgusting gave a rundown of the 5 films he’d like to see remade. Do you agree with him?

The director of Husk, Brett Simmons, is set to take on a new rendition of the classic story The Monkey’s Paw. (Bloody Disgusting)

So, God of War is one of the most kickass games ever and we should all be excited that a film adaptation is in the works. With last week’s news that writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan set to do the screenplay, I think this may be a winning equation. (Hollywood Reporter)

Fans of the REC series, behold, the Red Band trailer for REC 3 – Genesis for some chainsaw-wielding fun.

We saw more developments on World War Z. The great Drew Goddard has been brought aboard to write a new ending to the long-awaited film. Let’s hope that this moves production forward. (Deadline)

Bloody Disgusting sat down with director David Parker at Comic Con and discussed The Hills Run Red and Coldwater.

After becoming a force on the genre scene, Starz has announced that its next project will be a TV adaptation based on Vlad Dracula. It will be developed by J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame and Roy Lee whose credits include The Ring, The Woman in Black and The Strangers. I’ve got high hopes for this. There is a lot of potential for some rich world-building. (Starz)

Check out this zany trailer for Dead Before Dawn 3D. It features Christopher Lloyd and 80s-worthy cheese. (Bloody Disgusting)

Last week saw the first full trailer of the Soska Sisters’ next delightfully sadistic film, American Mary. Love it!


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