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the-eve-smShock till You Drop showed us the poster debut for a New Year’s Eve-themed horror film, The Eve. The film concerns a group of friends that head off to the remote island of Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate New Year’s Eve and reconnect. As tensions rise, an unforeseen presence halts celebrations and instead turns their holiday into a fight to live through to the new year. reported that Sony Pictures has pushed back the release date of the Carrie remake. It looks like we’ll be attending a blood-soaked, fiery prom next October. In the same article, it was also reported that Brad Anderson’s next film, The Call (formerly known as The Hive), will take Carrie’s place on March 15.

For those awaiting The Host 2, Twitch Film gave us good news and bad news. The good news is that the film now has a writer, director, and a release date. The bad news is that the release date is in the summer of 2014.

Music Box Films has picked up the horror-comedy 100 Bloody Acres for U.S. distribution.  The title will land under Music Box Films’ new imprint, Doppelgänger Releasing.  This division will focus on genre titles and their rollout across all distribution platforms including theatrical, DVD, and digital outlets. Along with 100 Bloody Acres, Doppelgänger Releasing ’s initial 2013 slate will include Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal. (Shock Til You Drop)

Probably the most exciting bit of horror news to come out last week was the big reveal of the Evil Dead trailer. I’ve gotten over this being a remake and, frankly, everyone else should, too. Sleep-Tight-smFrom the looks of the film, there seems to be a genuine reverence from the filmmakers for the original. I’m officially excited.

Check out the teaser for Latvian horror film Hybrid Vigor. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot, but I kind of like the imagery.

The sequel to 2012’s surprise hit, The Raid, is said to pick up right after the conclusion of the first film. (Slash Film)

Fangoria gave us this exclusive clip of REC director’s new film, Sleep Tight. Dig it!


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