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The new Evil Dead gets an official endorsement from Ash himself, Bruce Campbell. He went so far as to call it “fabulous.” He even acknowledges that he knows the very act of remaking the first film has offended some fans (okay, most of them). I think it’s smart that the film will feature different characters than the original and not try for being a shot-for-shot remake. It worked for Dawn of the Dead. (DigitalSpy)

And speaking of remakes, Spike Lee’s version of Oldboy just added some more names to its cast. It will include Samuel L. Jackson, who has named the Korean original as one of his favorite films, and Bruce Hornsby. (LA Times)

Good God, we’ve got remake news out the ass this week! Apparently John Travolta is attached to star in the reboot of The Toxic Avenger. This ought to be interesting… (The Grid)

Check out this interesting clip from A Night in the Woods. There’s nothing like a crazy old man to warn young people not to go into the woods. We all know they won’t listen, but the strange singing at the end was a nice touch. (Bloody Disgusting)

Bloody Disgusting sat down with director Kerry Prior who shares my opinion that The Exorcist is a comedy.

And it looks like Sam Raimi is in the process of writing a new horror movie! I can’t wait! Drag Me to Hell was beast. (Bloody Disgusting)

So, these posters for Airborne definitely make me smile. (Bloody Disgusting)

Don Coscarelli’s hotly anticipated film version of John Dies at the End just got picked up by Magnet Releasing. This is going to rock my socks! (Hollywood Reporter)

Oh, awesome. A Videodrome remake too. Long live the new flesh of … the new flesh. (Deadline)

In an interview with Behind the Thrills, Eli Roth said that the feature version of his fake trailer Thanksgiving is definitely in the works. Knowing his affinity for the genre, I’m sure he’ll deliver.

Fangoria sat down to interview the Santoro brothers, the filmmaking duo behind the creepy-looking slasher The Other Side.

The remake of Maniac has just been acquired by IFC Midnight. No word on an air date yet, but I’m curious to see what they do with the material. I just recently rewatched the original, and while I love it, it’s a truly bizarre film. I wonder if any of those elements will remain intact. (Variety)


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