Like Crazy review

Over the last half-decade, films with a do-it-yourself aesthetic have increasingly reached mainstream audiences.  But I would be hard-pressed to name a more beautiful or poignant micro-budget film then the Sundance hit Like Crazy.  Chronicling the global love affair of a young couple kept apart by international customs, Like Crazy features memorable performances by Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Felicity Jones (The Tempest) and innovative direction from Drake Doremus.

British Anna (Jones) and American Jacob (Yelchin) meet in a college classroom in Los Angeles.  They embark on a relationship that is ultimately threatened by the forthcoming expiration of Anna’s student visa.  Anna decides to extend her stay in America through the end of the summer, but when she tries to return to the USA a few months later, she’s turned away.  The remainder of the film follows the ups and downs of their long distance relationship as Felicity Jones provides a star-making turn and Anton Yelchin once again proves himself to be one of the best young actors working today.  But the real discovery in the film is 28-year-old director Drake Doremus, who approaches the film with a strong sense of confidence, pacing and intimacy.

Like Crazy opens today at the Ritz East.

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Author: Jake Lasker

Jake Lasker is an aspiring filmmaker whose work can be found here. He hails from Los Angeles and is currently a student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. You can find him on Twitter at

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