Kim Ki-Duk’s BREATH screens at Eastern State Penitentiary

Frequent Cinedelphia contributor/Asian film connoisseur Aaron Mannino has programmed the Philadelphia Premiere of Kim Ki-Duk’s (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring) 2007 unreleased-stateside film Breath.  It will screen on Friday, August 17 at 8:00 PM at Eastern State Penitentiary.  Admission is $5.

From the release:
Yeon (Ji-a Park), a ceramicist and mother, has just discovered that her husband has been cheating on her. In the delirium of that disappointment Yeon makes an impulsive decision. She travels to the prison that contains Jang-Jin (Chen Chang), a death row inmate who has garnered media attention from his recent suicide attempts. Yeon demands to take a meeting with him and is strangely permitted by the security-in-chief. In doing so she creates the opportunity for her own grieving process. With each subsequent meeting between Yeon and Jin she offers a sense of the seasons and of the outside world to the stark and small meeting cell. For a few moments, the normally sullen Yeon loses herself in the creativity and vitality of her exchanges with this man of whom she knows almost nothing. What will come of this course? Will Yeon’s actions bring harm or healing to herself and her family…..and to Jin? South Korean director Ki-duk Kim (Spring Summer Fall Winter And Spring) answers these questions with characteristic artistry and ambiguity in this 2007 Palme d’Or nominated film. Breath stands as a dynamic exploration of emotional and physical imprisonment, and suggests, like so many of the director’s films, the possibilities of language outside of words.

Breath receives its long awaited Philadelphia premiere (one of only a handful of screenings ever in the US) on Friday, August 17th at Eastern State Penitentiary. Come enjoy a rare screening of an overlooked gem by Ki-duk Kim and let the location heighten the intensity of the film!.

We’re giving away five pairs of tickets to attend the screening, just e-mail Cinedelphia with your name and your favorite Kim Ki-duk film.  Names will be placed on a guest list at the door.

Author: Eric Bresler

Eric is the Founder/Site Editor of whose additional activities are numerous: Director/Curator of the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA), founder of Tokyo No Records, the brain behind Video Pirates, and active local film programmer including the Unknown Japan screening series. He’s served as a TLA Video Manager, Philadelphia Film Society Managing Director, and Adjunct Professor in Cinema Studies at Drexel University. He is shy and modest. Email Eric.

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