11.15.12 A Royal Affair director Nikolaj Arcel and co-writer Rasmus Heisterberg
11.09.12 A Late Quartet director Yaron Zilman
11.01.12 Photographic Memory director Ross McElwee
10.29.12 House of Psychotic Women author Kier-La Janisse
10.16.12 Pet Sematary documentary directors
10.02.12 Alpha Girls directors Tony Trov and Johnny Zito
09.24.12 John Ciccone on The Roxy Theater
09.19.12 The Brooklyn Brothers
08.13.12 360 director Fernando Meirelles
08.02.12 The Babymakers director/star Jay Chandrasekhar and star Kevin Heffernan
07.24.12 Exit interview: Renae Dinerman, International House
07.09.12 Jobriath A.D. Director Kieran Turner
07.02.12 The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy
06.25.12 A Polite Bribe director Robert Orlando
05.11.12 Changing the Game director Rel Dowdell
05.10.12 Changing the Game actor Tony Todd
05.10.12 Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait
04.15.12 The Cabin in the Woods star Fran Kranz
03.13.12 The Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy
02.29.12 Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric
02.15.12 Meet the Dysfunctional Screenwriters Society
02.13.12 Stoogeum founder Gary Lassin
02.02.12 Resurrect Dead director Jon Foy
02.01.12 The Innkeepers director Ti West and actress Sara Paxton
01.23.12 Meet Vixens of Virtue, Vixens of Vice
01.17.12 Director Dave “Scout” Tafoya

12.29.11 Philly Film Personality of 2011: Josh Goldbloom, Part 1, Part 2
12.09.11 The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies co-authors George Anastasia and Glen Macnow
11.03.11 Like Crazy star Felicity Jones
11.02.11 Like Crazy director Drake Doremus
10.26.11 Exhumed Films’ Joseph A. Gervasi
10.25.11 Exhumed Films’ Jesse Nelson
10.25.11 Exhumed Films’ Dan Fraga
10.24.11 The Dead producer Amir Moallemi
10.18.11 Local Horror Host Rob Dimension
10.17.11 Sushi Typhoon’s Marc Walkow
10.15.11 Director Robert Angelo Masciantonio
10.11.11 Terror Film Festival’s Princess Horror
10.11.11 Terror Film Festival’s Claw
10.10.11 The Projection Booth’s Mike White
10.08.11 Deer Crossing director Christian Jude Grillo
10.05.11 Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Heather Langenkamp
09.27.11 Machine Gun Preacher inspiration Sam Childers
09.20.11 Moneyball star Jonah Hill
09.13.11 Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn
09.07.11 Circumstance director Maryam Keshavarz
08.18.11 Magic Trip co-director Alison Ellwood
08.11.11 The Future director Miranda July
06.28.11 Page One: Inside the New York Times director Andrew Rossi
06.21.11 Cure for the Crash director Brian Paul