Gurozuka DVD review

Based on a story from the gentleman who brought you last year’s Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, this 2005 cheapie harkens back to the late 90s/early 00s Onryō films that brought Japanese horror to the English-speaking masses.  Six pretty Japanese girls, including members of the recently revived “Movie Club”, head to an abandoned house in the woods with two female chaperones to shoot a movie.  They make up the entire cast of the film, but as the tagline states:  “Where there’s only women, there’s horror.”  The Club recently uncovered some creepy 8mm footage shot by their predecessors ten years earlier that features a murderous Noh-masked weirdo and hides some seemingly supernatural secrets that will soon return to haunt them.  Egos flare and secrets are revealed as strange happenings lead to some crowd-pleasing gore set to a memorable noise-like soundtrack.  The whole affair has a low budget, made-for-video feel, but it’s a pleasant throwback to the Rings of yore.

Aside from a theatrical trailer, the disc’s sole extra is a 23 minute Making Of that feels like a home movie and features the actresses acting silly, eating cake, and torturing the shy director.  Tons of fun; I’ll probably watch this again before I do the actual film.

While not the most memorable of horror films, Gurozuka is a suitable addition to the modern subset of Synapse Films’ Asian Cult Cinema Collection (think along the lines of Evil Dead Trap or Stacy).

Gurozuka debuts on DVD this Tuesday (1/10).

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Author: Eric Bresler

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