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GoodPeople-poster-smallThe setting: London, England. The people: Tom (James Franco) and Anna Reed (Kate Hudson). The plot: A convoluted mess of an American couple who are down on their luck and stumble across a bag full of drug dealing money. Turns out, the owner of that money is a local gangster (Sam Spruell) who wants it back. The action comes down to a final standoff in which everyone’s lives are on the line. Don’t get excited. It’s incredibly predictable.

In a film bearing strength with its talented cast, the weakness is sure to reveal itself in the lackluster story. Thus is the case in Director Henrik Ruben Genz’s Good People. What is marketed to be a high octane thriller with everything on the line, results in short bursts of filmic “roid rage” that plateau with no hope for climax as the story continues forward.

Franco is a quality actor. Some of his films that he’s been featured in have been nominated for Oscars, i.e, 127 Hours. Kate Hudson has spread her class over countless films. A favorite of mine being Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.  Detective John Halden is played by Tom Wilkinson. He has carried many a film to success. The most recent would be his role in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s a shame to see such a talented group dropped into a story that isn’t strong enough to withhold the talent of its stars.

The positives in this film are quite minimal. If you’re in the mood for a few moments of intense violence then this movie is right up your ally. However, don’t be deceived. What appears to be a violent replication of Home Alone, turns out to be a weak and frail attempt at how a director tries to slam a square peg of gore-filled action into a round hole of a story. It just feels uncomfortable as you witness what happens next.

Enjoy your weekend Philly. Go watch The Maze Runner. Go for a run. Eat at McDonald’s. Whichever path you take, it’ll be time and money well spent instead of seeing Good People.

Good People opens today in Philly area theaters.

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Author: Kyle Harter

Kyle Harter recently relocated to Philadelphia after receiving his BA in Film from the University of Central Florida. Kyle aspires to a career of filmmaking, writing, and adventure. Kyle has a mild obsession with Quentin Tarantino, coffee, and Corgis. He co-authors the film blog, The Main Squeeze.

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