Tonight! Fathom Events presents… UPDATED

I’m heading down to the Riverview tonight for the first time in years to see a one-night-only screening of Gantz, a new Japanese sci-fi comic-turned-film that Fathom Events is bringing to U.S. audiences over a week before its highly anticipated theatrical release in its native country.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to the film (the cast/crew don’t have the best track record in my eyes), but I like to support Fathom Events whenever I can and I’m curious about what the crowd will look like.

Fathom are one of the distributors responsible for bringing exclusive screenings of opera/ballet/musical events to movie theaters across the country.  They also do fun one-off screenings:  this past October they screened The Exorcist, a few years back they did “Star Trek: The Menagerie”.  Hundreds of theaters participate in these events thereby creating repertory screenings that are simultaneously enjoyed by U.S. residents from coast to coast.  Quite a concept.

Tonight’s film is being shown in over 300 cinemas nationwide and is [already] dubbed in English.

This is the future of repertory cinema.  Support Fathom Events.

The theater was packed as were reportedly many other theaters across the country…it was like an anime convention in there, hyper and noisy.  A rather dull film though, like watching someone play a video game for two hours.  But it’s all good!

Author: Eric Bresler

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