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escape-from-tomorrow-poster-smallUndoubtedly one of the most talked about films of the year, Escape From Tomorrow is already infamous for being filmed inside Disney World and Disneyland without permission from the Mouse House. After its Sundance premiere, many speculated that the film would be tied up in legal battles for years. Lucky for us, that hasn’t happened, and the film recently had its Philadelphia premiere as an Awesome Fest event this past Sunday.

The film takes place over the course of one day at Disney World, as Jim (Roy Abramsohn) wakes up to discover that he has lost his job on the last day of his vacation. As he tries to keep his wife and kids in the dark, he begins seeing odd, sometimes sinister, visions and becoming entranced by two French teenagers. From there, things gets weird.
As an avowed Disney enthusiast who is also a realist when it comes to family vacations, this movie seemed to be the perfect combination of cynical and whimsy for me. However, I think Escape From Tomorrow never explores any of the myriad themes present in the film in a satisfying way.
Director Randy Moore spends most of the film focused on Jim’s masculinity and insecurities, which is also the least original or interesting aspect of the film. Numerous films and other works have explored midlife male crises, and Escape From Tomorrow doesn’t have anything to add to the conversation.
Fans of surrealism and people drawn to the Disney setting should definitely watch Escape From Tomorrow, as it has to be seen to be believed.
Escape From Tomorrow is available on several VOD services.

Author: Ryan Silberstein

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