Deadly Prey & Deadliest Prey Double Feature at PhilaMOCA

John Rambo and Dutch Schaefer ain’t got nothing on Mike Danton. The arm-ripping action icon will be on the big screen this October when PhilaMOCA shows Deadly Prey (1987) and premieres its much-anticipated sequel Deadliest Prey (2013).

Deadly Prey is an exercise in unrestrained insanity, an experience that could have only been a product of the 1980s – it tells the story of an elite squad of mercenaries who kidnap innocents off the streets of Los Angeles, to be killed for sport, and the one man capable of turning these hunters into the hunted!

Over 25 years later, Deadly Prey director David Prior (Sledgehammer, Raw Justice), now a low-budget auteur icon, re-teams with Deadly Prey star/his brother Ted Prior (The Final Sanction, Future Zone) to create a fan-demanded sequel to their most-loved film titled Deadliest Prey. Deadliest Prey sees our hero’s enemies return for another go at trying to kill that which will not die!

Together, these films showcase an endless supply of flying limbs, gunfire, and overflowing testosterone. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch both in what will be one of Deadliest Prey’s only domestic screenings.


Author: Robert Skvarla

Robert is a contributing writer at Cinedelphia who is finishing up his undergrad at Temple University in Strategic Communication. He writes for a number of local publications including City Paper and in the past has failed to maintain a series of rambling blogs related to pop culture. In his free time, he also enjoys strange music, offbeat art, and weird people. Follow him on Twitter @RobertSkvarla.

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