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Contest: <i>Godzilla</i> advance screening


ADVANCE SCREENING: Monday, May 12th @ 7:30 PM, AMC Cherry Hill

We have a bunch of tickets to attend an advance screening of Godzilla that’s happening at the AMC Cherry Hill on Monday, May 12th at 7:30 PM.  To enter, just e-mail us and tell us your favorite creature film. Winners will be selected at random, one entry per household.

From the distributor:
The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Director: Gareth Edwards
Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins


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  1. I have many monster movies I have enjoyed over years with my son, im 48 and he is 17 years old and over the years I turned him into a Godzilla fan, it’s hard to choose my favorite movie I know his is 2005 final wars and 93 mecha godzilla.
    over the years I been lucky to go to Japan I been there 3 times and I would say that 1993 mechagodzilla was my favorite movie ,I watched it in the theatre over there and been to toho studio ,I expected this Godzilla 2014 will be highly re guarded as the best ever done I would love to win a ticket for my son because he can enjoy that moment I did back in 1993

    thank you bob marshall

  2. My favorite creature film is Aliens, it is my favorite movie all time I love the deleted scenes.

  3. When I was a kid there was this made for TV movie on ABC called Fuzzbucket. My mom recorded it with our Beta-max VCR. I got to watch it a few times and then the VCR broke. This movie was never televised again in my childhood and we never got another Beta machine but it festered in my head. I used to drive my mother crazy because i wanted to watch Fuzzbucket. SO, you ask what my favorite creature film is?…well I’m not sure if it’s my favorite because I haven’t seen the thing since 1986 or so but at least the title, or the statement ” I want to watch Fuzzbucket” has become a staple of how i grew up.

  4. My favorite creature film was Grimlins. Just remembering Gizmo driving the Barbie car makes me laugh so hard.

  5. Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954

  6. I like many creature movies. I’ve like Godzilla since I was a kid and even played the game on Nintendo but the movie that I like with creature in it would have to be lake placid. Those alligators were eating every thing. I can’t forget jaws that shark was vicious and hungry. Oh and I can’t forget critters, wow that was back in the day lol.

  7. Nightbreed!!!

  8. My favorite creature film of all time is Godzilla! Been a fan since I was a kid 🙂

  9. This may Not Be a Creature; but ” Cujo ” was Close Enough; as well as the Movie; ” Car ” ; which was a Demonic Car.

  10. My favorites creature movies are the one about King Kong.

  11. My favorite creature is the “Predator”.

  12. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Godzilla

  13. I would so love to have tickets to this movie

  14. I would so love to win tickets to this movie

  15. Easily “Destroy All Monsters”….Godzilla and 10plus assorted creatures. What more could you ask for!!!

  16. Up until last year I liked Independence Day now I gotta go with Pacific Rim

  17. Cloverfield

  18. My favorite creature film has to be a tie between The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! Both of these films feature Godzilla as a ferocious monster with no remorse, and I love seeing the big G portrayed that way!

  19. All time classic Gremlins

  20. Aliens vs. Predator

  21. My favorite monster movie was aliens.

  22. Creature from the black lagoon

  23. My favorites creature movies are the one about King Kong, cloverfield, predator, i have a few cause i love creature movie

  24. For some reason the movie “the relic” stands out to me. or Pitch Black.

  25. Since I was a child Godzilla movies with Rowdan, Mothra, & 3 headed Dragons are great monster movies over the years. The THING & Giant Ants movies were good.

  26. 1998 version is my favorite as its the only one I’ve seen!

  27. My favorite creature film is King Kong. Long, terrifying, dinosaurs, Peter Jackson, epic. 🙂

  28. It would have to be Jason and the Argonauts

  29. My favorite monster movie is, coincidentally, Godzilla 1985. It was amazing to see the goofy Godzilla of the 70’s disappear, and have the “Destroyer of Worlds” emerge from the grave. Gone was Minya. Returned, a king had!

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