Contest: Drug War Prize Packs

Drug_War_Poster_smallJohnnie To’s Drug War is coming to the Ritz Bourse on August 16th and we are celebrating its theatrical release with some pretty amazing goodies!

Two (2) lucky winners will receive a prize pack, each containing three (3) Asian films and a full-sized theatrical poster for Drug War. Sound good? To enter, please contact us at with your name, address, and favorite Johnnie To film and why!


Master director Johnnie To’s first mainland production eschews “two guns at once” mayhem in favor of atmosphere and a tightly-wound plot punctuated with impeccably choreographed bursts of violence, making Drug War an intricate puzzle box of a film that ignited a firestorm of controversy in its homeland. The film stars Louis Koo and Sun Honglei and will be shown in Mandarin and Cantonese with English subtitles.


Author: Jill Malcolm

Jill is happiest attending midnight screenings with other crazy film fans at her local theater. Her other passions include reading, traveling to faraway places, cat videos, pugs, and jalapeño peppers. She is co-founder of the blog Filmhash.

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