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<i>The Queen of Katwe</i> review

The Queen of Katwe review

Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga) was born and raised in Katwe, a slum community in Uganda. Through the Sports Outreach Institute, Phiona is discovered by Robert Katende (David Oyelowo) to be a chess prodigy, who despite not being [...]

<i>Author: The JT LeRoy Story</i> review

Author: The JT LeRoy Story review

Before watching Jeff Feuerzeig’s Author: The JT LeRoy Story I was not aware of the notorious “scandal” that rocked the literary world in the early aughts and presumedly made a lot of people, both famous and not, [...]

<i>Operation Avalanche</i> review

Operation Avalanche review

Operation Avalanche is impossible to describe, but I’ll certainly try. It’s a found footage flick, even though it’s not, set in the years leading up to the moon landing, about a handful of low-level CIA operatives [...]

<i>The Magnificent Seven</i> review

The Magnificent Seven review

The Magnificent Seven suffers from the same problem as its 1960s counterpart: with so much plot there’s very little time for story. The titular seven are a rogues gallery of badasses, but not much more. It’s [...]

<i>Demon</i> review

Demon review

Demon, by the late Polish filmmaker Marcin Wrona, is initially unsettling as Piotr (Itay Tiran) arrives in the Polish countryside for his wedding to Zaneta (Agnieszka Zulewska). His bride’s father (Andrzej Grabowski) laments he doesn’t know [...]

<i>Blair Witch</i> review

Blair Witch review

Let’s get one thing straight: we never needed a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Not when it came out. Not now. Not ever. But since these things are bound to occur in the wake of [...]

<i>Sully</i> review

Sully review

Sully is the worst film I have seen this year. There is no doubt that Clint Eastwood is a technically talented filmmaker (that is to say he has talent in the technical aspects of making a [...]

<i>Mia Madre</i> review

Mia Madre review

In Mia Madre, director Nanni Moretti makes a seemingly autobiographical film influenced by the recent passing of his mother. The film follows Margherita (played by veteran Italian actress Margherita Buy), a renowned filmmaker during the filming [...]

<i>Morgan</i> review

Morgan review

Morgan is only 5 years-old, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. Played beautifully by Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), she has the appearance of a teenage girl, even if her skin is a little [...]

<i>The Light Between Oceans</i> reviews

The Light Between Oceans reviews

LADY assures MAN that they are not doing anything wrong. MAN resists, but then LADY gets mad. MAN loves LADY, so we’re told, and since love means doing anything your significant other asks of you, no [...]

<i>Complete Unknown</i> review

Complete Unknown review

In the six-minute pre-credit sequence of director/co-writer Joshua Marston’s intriguing drama, Complete Unknown, Rachel Weisz is seen playing a nurse, a magician’s assistant, and a few other roles. When she meets Clyde (Michael Chernus), in an [...]