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<i>Paterson</i> review

Paterson review

As someone who works in an office all day— cubicles, too bright fluorescent lights, recirculated air—it is easy to romanticize blue collar jobs. Ones that have cool titles, like plumber, welder, or even bus driver. And [...]

<i>Monster Trucks</i> review

Monster Trucks review

Monster Trucks is not a film for everyone. This high-concept, PG-rated story of a boy and a creature bonding over a love of trucks that can crush other automobiles will not please filmgoers who need things [...]

<i>Patriots Day</i> review

Patriots Day review

It’s hard to figure out the purpose for movies like Patriots Day, which can be loosely described as ‘current events-based thrillers.’ United 93 is another great example of this. Sure, it’s great to put a tragedy into cinematic [...]

<i>Live by Night</i> review

Live by Night review

Live by Night is a glossy and bloody prohibition-era set film about Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck), an Irish gangster. Based on Dennis Lehane’s novel, and written, directed, and produced by Affleck, this crime drama aspires to [...]

<i>The Bye Bye Man</i> review

The Bye Bye Man review

Don’t say it. Don’t think it. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. These are the rather simple rules to avoiding the curse of The Bye Bye Man from spreading, because once you know his name, it’s [...]

<i>Silence</i> review

Silence review

Silence is an astounding achievement of a film. Complex, beautiful, and moving, if I had seen it a few weeks ago it would have been in the upper end of my best of 2016 list. But [...]

<i>A Monster Calls</i> review

A Monster Calls review

   A Monster Calls is dissimilar to the movie which is being advertised. What looks to be a fantastical, CGI-flooded children’s adventure is actually a mature look into adolescent grief. It just happens to have a [...]

<i>Hidden Figures</i> review

Hidden Figures review

Given the necessity of we Americans to reconsider our history to make it more accurate and inclusive, it’s not my intention to come down hard on Hidden Figures, a shiny tale of segregation during the space [...]

<i>Lion</i> review

Lion review

It would be inaccurate to call Lion Oscar-bait, but all of the signs are there. It’s the type of movie that Oscar-bait movies helplessly try to imitate, but end up lacking the soul, the thoroughness, the [...]

<i>Passengers</i> review

Passengers review

Passengers opens strong. Very strong. It introduces a complex idea in the fashion of the best sci-fi, setting up a tale that’s sure to be mined for heady philosophical thematics. And then it squanders it all [...]

<i>Collateral Beauty</i> review

Collateral Beauty review

Collateral Beauty is fascinating in its badness. From top to bottom, front to back, every single thing about it is completely bonkers, and not in a fun, festive way. More in a tragic, “I can’t believe all [...]