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<i>Miss Sloane</i> review

Miss Sloane review

Jessica Chastain’s performance in Miss Sloane is so good it threatens to burn a hole right through the screen. Unfortunately, it also manages to highlight every wonky piece of dialogue flowing from her ruby red lips. [...]

<i>Office Christmas Party</i> review

Office Christmas Party review

Hollywood knows two things. One, people love Christmas movies. Two, audiences love R-rated comedies. So why not an R-rated Christmas comedy? Bad Santa was a decent hit, so last year they gave us the decent The [...]

<i>Old Stone</i> review

Old Stone review

The feature debut of Chinese writer/director Johnny Ma, Old Stone is a taut, efficient little thriller. Lao Shi (Chen Gang) is a taxi driver who accidently hits motorcyclist Li Jiang (Zhang Zebin), when a drunken passenger [...]

<i>Bad Santa 2</i> review

Bad Santa 2 review

As a rule, comedy sequels aren’t terribly good, most are outright terrible, and none exceed the original film. With this in mind I was ready to react with disaffected negativity to Bad Santa 2, a long-awaited(?) [...]

<i>Allied</i> review

Allied review

For being the film that broke Brangelina, I guess I was hoping for a bit more. Not that Allied is terrible, but for a film to be based around a romance – which in turn resulted [...]

<i>Elle</i> review

Elle review

I am surprised by how much I enjoyed Elle, a statement that is even harder to write given this film’s reputation of being labeled a “rape comedy.” While I found this film more sad (and a [...]

<i>Moana</i> review

Moana review

Despite having plenty of films like Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, and this year’s Zootopia, Disney animation is always measured against its princess films* as the pinnacle of their output. So given its recent success with [...]

<i>Bleed For This</i> review

Bleed For This review

It would be easy to dismiss Bleed For This as a formulaic boxing drama, nearly identical to each and every Rocky knockoff that came before it, and in many ways it wouldn’t be an inaccurate assessment. [...]

<i>Nocturnal Animals</i> review

Nocturnal Animals review

 Nocturnal Animals is probably just shiny trash, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Part Lost Highway, part Killer Joe, and filtered through a Verhoeven-esque lens, it’s clear that “shiny trash” is exactly the [...]

<i>The Edge of Seventeen</i> review

The Edge of Seventeen review

The Edge of Seventeen is the funniest teen comedy since Superbad. Hands down, no contest, and that’s a high bar, because Superbad is everything a teen comedy should be. Written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, [...]

<i>Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them</i> review

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review

Did Harry Potter go away long enough to need a revival? The Pottermore website and theme parks aside, it has been over nine years since the final novel (though only five years since the most recent [...]