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<i>The Final Member review</i>

The Final Member review

The Final Member is the most charming, endearing penis documentary of the year.  Well, it’s probably the only one, but that doesn’t make it any less of a charmer.  At a short running time of only [...]

<i>Breathe In</i> review

Breathe In review

There is an entire genre of films in which a sultry stranger enters a family and upsets everyone by showing them their truth. One of the best examples is Pasolini’s Teorama; one of the best guilty [...]

<i>Transcendence</i> review

Transcendence review

There is a collision between mankind and technology at the heart of Transcendence, a “brainy” thriller about artificial intelligence in the Inception mode (N.B. Christopher Nolan is the film’s executive producer; his longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister [...]

<i>Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa</i> review

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa review

Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci first developed the character of Alan Partridge in the 90s for the BBC Radio 4 program On the Hour. Written as a parody of media broadcasters, Partridge spawned numerous radio and [...]

<i>Heaven Is for Real</i> review

Heaven Is for Real review

Belief, faith, and reason can wrestle with a person’s thoughts, and even an entire town. That is the case with Randal Wallace’s Heaven Is for Real. Adapted from author Todd Burpo’s bestseller, Heaven Is for Real [...]

<i>Cuban Fury</i> review

Cuban Fury review

Cuban Fury marks one of the few solo projects Nick Frost has produced outside his now iconic partnership with director Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. In this film, Frost plays Bruce, a lovable teddy bear of [...]

<i>The Raid 2: Berandal</i> review

The Raid 2: Berandal review

Whether we want it or not, after the success of 2011′s The Raid: Redemption, a sequel was inevitable. But part of the beauty of the original is its simple story, and stunning fight sequences that are both [...]

<i>Oculus</i> review

Oculus review

In Oculus, Karen Gillian plays Kaylie Russell, the survivor of a horrific home catastrophe leaving both of her parents dead and her brother Tim (played by Brenton Thwaites) locked up in a psychiatric facility. The reports [...]

<i>Dom Hemingway</i> review

Dom Hemingway review

“A man with no options has all the options in the world.”  Such is the plight of Dom Hemingway, titled after its vulgar, hilarious, loquacious, volatile, criminal protagonist, who is in the middle of a waged war [...]

<i>Draft Day</i> review

Draft Day review

Sometimes, going to the movies is about getting a guaranteed spoonful of sugar when life gives you salt. You want to know beforehand that the protagonist wins against all odds and that you’ll enjoy your 90-minute [...]

<i>On My Way</i> review

On My Way review

Catherine Deneuve is irresistible. Watching her walk in the sun in the opening scenes of On My Way the French actress is radiant. Seeing her smoking a last, hidden cigarette after learning her lover betrayed her [...]