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Interview: Hanna Hamilton, director/producer of <i>Secret Lover</i>

Interview: Hanna Hamilton, director/producer of Secret Lover

Much in the same way that John Waters’ Hairspray has become synonymous with Baltimore, Hanna Hamilton wants to give Philadelphia its very own rock and roll musical, and with the launch of her crowdfunding campaign, you can [...]

Interview: Local Actor Nick Marini (<i>Summer of 8</i>)

Interview: Local Actor Nick Marini (Summer of 8)

Born in Bryn Mawr, raised in Mt. Airy and a 2014 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (he majored in Cinema Studies), Nick Marini makes an auspicious film debut as Bobby, one of eight teenagers spending [...]

CFF 2016: Joe Bob Briggs Interview

CFF 2016: Joe Bob Briggs Interview

Film critic, actor, and legendary personality, Joe Bob Briggs is coming to the Cinedelphia Film Festival to present Walter Hill’s 1979 gang classic, The Warriors. Cinedelphia sat down with the former host of MonsterVision to discuss the [...]

Interview: Sam Trammell of <i>All Mistakes Buried</i>

Interview: Sam Trammell of All Mistakes Buried

Sam Trammell gives an intense, nervy performance in All Mistakes Buried, a gritty, but nifty little film about Sonny (Trammell) an addict, who just wants to get his wife (Missy Yager) back. He puts together a [...]

Interview: <i>Driving Not Knowing</i> director Dylan Hansen-Fliedner

Interview: Driving Not Knowing director Dylan Hansen-Fliedner

Driving not Knowing is a story about two young men who attempt to reconnect one year later, after a tumultuous parting. The film was a highly collaborative project amongst Benjamin R. Davis, Dylan Hansen-Fliedner, Jay Jadick, [...]

Interview: <i>Love the Coopers’</i> Max Simkins

Interview: Love the Coopers’ Max Simkins

Love the Coopers is a holiday family comedy where chaos ensues in place of a “perfect” Christmas. It stars Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, and Marisa Tomei—just to name a few. [...]

Interview: Renaissance Woman and Philly Native Kate McCabe

Interview: Renaissance Woman and Philly Native Kate McCabe

There are few artists (if any) that take on so many wildly different mediums of art quite as frequently and as impressively as Kate McCabe. Native to Philadelphia, McCabe currently lives in the desert near Joshua [...]

A Brief Chat with Richard Gere on <i>Time Out of Mind</i>

A Brief Chat with Richard Gere on Time Out of Mind

Time Out of Mind is a beautifully subtle portrait of George (played by Richard Gere) who has spiraled into living as a homeless man in Manhattan. He navigates through the near-impossible bureaucracy while trying to reconnect [...]

Interview: Robert Gordon, co-director <i>Best of Enemies</i>

Interview: Robert Gordon, co-director Best of Enemies

The political three-ring circus that is election season is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate the ridiculous than to sit down and watch two pundits really go at it! In Best of Enemies, those old [...]

Interview: Rebecca Ferguson, star of MI5

Interview: Rebecca Ferguson, star of MI5

In the newest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson joins the cast as the mysterious Ilsa. The IMF team tries to take down the Syndicate (the rogue organization), and it would seem [...]

Interview: Lee Toland Krieger, <i>The Age of Adeline</i> director

Interview: Lee Toland Krieger, The Age of Adeline director

Lee Toland Krieger has garnered a lot of attention from his indie successes, like Celeste and Jesse Forever, but with The Age of Adaline, he is ostensibly going in a more mainstream direction. However, it’s his [...]