Blobfest 2013 tickets on sale today

the-blobAs fans of classic horror know, Phoenixville’s Colonial Theatre holds an annual festival that celebrates the 1958 film The Blob, portions of which were shot in that area. The event takes place the weekend of July 12-14. It’s a massive event celebrating this classic, with the centerpiece being a reenactment of the “run out” of the theater.

This year, the events include:

Friday, July 12, 7:30 PM :
Performers, short films, and the “run out”

Saturday, July 13, Streetfair and screenings:

11:00 AM : The Blob and Them! (both on 35mm)
3:15 PM : The Blob and Them! (both on 35mm)
8:00 PM : The Blob (35mm) and Tarantula (DVD)

Sunday, July 14
2:00 PM : The Blob (35mm) and The Deadly Mantis (DVD)

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.


Author: Ryan Silberstein

Ryan spends his days at a company named one of the best to work for in the Philadelphia area, and his nights as a mysterious caped vigilante saving his city from the disease that is crime watching movies. He lives on a diet consisting of film, comic books, experimental beer, black coffee, and those big metal historical markers around town. Follow him on Twitter and Letterboxd.

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