Battle: Los Angeles review

Where to begin…a group of marines that includes Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez fight aliens through the streets of Los Angeles in what is possibly the most boring science fiction film I’ve ever seen.  The first 20 minutes are pointlessly spent building characters that are soon indistinguishable in uniform especially within the film’s action scenes, which are impossible to follow due to excessive shakiness, soft focus, and bland production design.  This is perhaps the shakiest film ever made, I didn’t catch a single static shot in its 116 minute running time.  This technique may have been considered stylish 15 years ago, but it’s just plain annoying now.  And if you’re hoping for a clear shot of an alien then you’ll be disappointed as they only appear in long shots or extreme closeups and always through smoke and gun scopes.  I can’t imagine a more dull or uninspired film, avoid at all costs.

Battle: Los Angeles opens wide in Philly-area theaters today.

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Author: Eric Bresler

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